Its lengths are not even—they are jagged. I have been working with C++, MFC, and .net technologies for 15 years. Now consider the below code (Listing 4): In the above code example, we picked three elements from the jagged array and displayed that in the console output window. NEW. This means one can create an array in such a way that each element of the array is a reference to another array of same type. Explanation of ragged arrays and part 1 of creating a program with ragged arrays. //Snippet 01: Declare an 2D Irregular Array, //Snippet 04: Now let us randomly take some value, //Snippet 05: Iterate through the Jagged Array. The element size of jagged array can be different. Don’t stop learning now. Jagged Arrays Varying Column Size Arrays. Example: int [] [] raggedArray = new int [n] []; for (int i=0; i

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