Had AIA Income Protection for 1 year or less. Had AIA Life Insurance, Income Protection for 1 year or less. He created a package that works for me and gave me time to consider, there was no pressure. Write a review on ProductReview.com.au! The team here at AIA Insurance is happy to help employers pinpoint their business’ needs with group employee benefits options including: However, when it comes to claims it is slow, unresponsive and provides little information to us. Having a completely unsupportive insurer only adds to the stress, and this stress has immediately preceded two stroke events (I even had an alarm during a phone call with AIA claims assessor, and this was recorded and preceded a hospitalisation for a TiA by around a week). Excellent informative communication. TATA AIA Life Insurance Wealth Pro Plan Review TATA AIA Life Insurance Wealth Pro Plan is a Unit Linked Endowment Insurance plan which facilitates savings and life insurance under a single plan. ", "Insurance provider is good, provides what I pay for, haven't made a claim..", "There medical process was a lot easier than the other companies suggested as i work in a physically demanding job. They're happy to continue calling you to get you off the income protection claim, but to request them for additional documentation is like the hardest task in the world. Have received no Successful treatment and symptoms are still the same. ", "Been happy with the current insurer as they provide a cheaper option compare to other insurers..", "The application process was simple and their policy provides good cover for a competitive price. Quite satisfied. The purpose of The AIA Trust is to develop and offer insurance and benefit programs of the greatest possible value and to serve as a risk management resource for members and components of the American Institute of Architects. It would be nice to speak to someone as soon as the person on the other end picks up the phone and not waste my time listening to classical music. No electronic copy of forms or correspondence. ", "Did not like the complexity of arranging the 20% rebate otherwise it was good. It also wasn't clear that you had to pay tax from your monthly benefits - this was not revealed until a claim was made. Finally get a person and they are rude. Had AIA Life Insurance for 4 years. Whether it's the sign up bonus, rates and fees, or reliable customer service that you look for in a credit card, a credit card is often used everyday, so it's important you choose one that meets your needs and that you're happy with. AIA Hong Kong provides a range of insurance products for both individuals and businesses covering medical expenses, critical illness, employee benefits etc. They put me at ease and I am confident that I made the right choice in changing to A1A. Dont use them. It was so long ago. Had AIA Life Insurance, TPD (Total and Permanent Disability), Trauma / Critical illness cover, Income Protection for 3 years. Fast acceptance approval. Kylie was great to deal with, not pushy in anyway, provided easy to understand information, rang when she said she would - brilliant customer service. I was quite happy with product and service rendered as they sent a nurse to my place to take blood sample and everything went well in terms of processes. Sexist. I'm not ready to be thrown on the scrap heap, but I will not be able to maximise my recovery without AIA's support. I love it..", "Poor clarification of policy details. Had AIA TPD (Total and Permanent Disability), Trauma / Critical illness cover, Income Protection for 6 years. The policy coverage is 92% and the claims are good even the the claiming procedure is easy because the service provided by the company members are good and even the web services are even better. ", "I have had no issues with this insurer, and they have even come to the table over optimising my premiums to consider for financial stress during the economic recession. Have never had to make a claim so not sure if the process is easy or not..", "As not claimed can only judge on general responsiveness during application and change requests which have been positive. Had AIA TPD (Total and Permanent Disability) for 4 years. Had AIA TPD (Total and Permanent Disability) for 1 year or less. Please be careful when choosing any kind of life insurance product. I would not recommend it to anybody..", "The insurance came with my super fund, which was transfered from my previous employer. $900 per year cheaper than our previous insurance. Yes i will recommend them to others. ", "Very Easy to join and great ongoing communication. Had AIA Life Insurance, TPD (Total and Permanent Disability), Trauma / Critical illness cover for 1 year or less. Get medical insurance/takaful for you and your loved ones. Had AIA TPD (Total and Permanent Disability) for 10 years or more. Email them and they either take forever to respond or don't respond at all..", "Aia vitality is great for regular gym users and has extras like cheap movie tickets..", "Aia vitality is a good policy with extra benefits if you are a gym user..", "The application process was easy and the insurer responded quite quickly putting the cover requested in place..", "Donna's professional handling of the application process was easy and efficient. A-Plus Health Booster is an optional medical rider that can be attached to the A-Life Med Regular plan to boost your medical coverage. A good super fund can make a substanial difference to the amount you retire with. Easy to understand terms & conditions. Changed over my health insurance to AIA, offered a lot more benefits and incentives. ", "They take it upon themselves to review my premiums, without consultation..", "The insurer uses brokers, which can be very painful when you are dealing with different people all the times. Had AIA Life Insurance, Income Protection for 4 years. Have little or lame follow up processes. AIA contacted specialist without my knowledge and requested a diagnoses report. Medical Insurance/Takaful covers these costs and offers many other important benefits. Had AIA Life Insurance, Income Protection for 2 years. Value for money is pretty competitive , but not cheap. Also Insurance Watch kept me in touch all the way..", "I liked that I could do the insurance online instead of having to see an advisor personally..", "Was happy with the application process being online rather than having to waste time making an appointment to see someone in person. As huge pay out, is a real assurance. ", "I highly recommend this insurer to others as it won't be a waste of money because 'you will get what you paid for'..", "When I took out the policy I did not realise the policy increased every year and also the cost. ", "Easy to apply life insurance. This unnecessary impost will no doubt cost a lot and we have been charged around 3.300.00 per year for polices that they are reluctant to pay out on citing 6 months to make up there minds when what they are doing is finding a way not to pay. SMSF Insurance – Insurance for Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs), Insurance Claims Statistics – All the facts and figures, Rate your insurer to win an Apple Watch Series 6, "I was very healthy when I signed up. ", "This is the first time i have ever taken out life insurance and income protection and the process seemed quick and easy and my cover started very soon after the application process. This seems like a lot for a CPI of 8%? ", "I haven't made a claim so very hard to rate. ", "So far it has been an easy process, though I have never tried making a claim..", "I have held this policy since 1985 very happy although luckily have not needed so far..", "It's a cheap product that is more than eager to take your money. Copyright 2007-2021 Insurance Watch Pty Ltd, Note: AIA WANTED A NEW DOCTOR'S REPORT FROM THE SURGEON, EVEN THOUGH THEY ALREADY HAD HIS REPORT, BUT WOULD NOT PAY FOR A NEW ONE. Not sure I can afford this for next 30 years on a pension as I had to leave work to care for husband. On the second dishonour letter, AIA included a new direct debit form, which we completed and sent back to them to fix..", "I have had no problems, but I have not yet made a claim..", "They provide a good simple product with a premium better than most other equivelent products..", September 23, 2020 — AFCA provides details of Life Insurance complaints, July 29, 2020 — FSC data insights reveals top causes of insurance claims, February 5, 2020 — APRA forces end to Agreed Value income protection policies. I should be insured for his, but my impression is that AIA only want to save as much money as possible by delaying my claim and only try to defend themselves to a very low standard in the AFCA Ombudsman cases. Had AIA Life Insurance, Income Protection for 9 years. Disgusting. Had AIA Life Insurance, Income Protection for 3 years. The value of the policy was very competitive. Everyones circumstances are different so they need to do the research for themselves..", "The liked the ease of apply for the insurance through insurance watch..", "Very satisfied with ease of application and timeliness of responses..", "Very good value for money would recommend to others. The application process was difficult at the time as I was waiting on test results but once the policy was put in place it has been simple..", "Have been in claims process for 5 months now with hardly any communications - mine is straight forward case. ", "Salesman was very personable. Insurance Watch have been extremely helpful in speeding up the process though and I would highly recommend them to anyone..", "Dodgy , lying , decetful , sneaky criminals keep away from these guys for godscsake take ya chances with any one but AIA def not recommend only unless you want pure disappointrment. Had AIA TPD (Total and Permanent Disability), Trauma / Critical illness cover for 2 years. As a boomer who has never signed up for private health I found Simon very patient and helpful. Especially 9-11 after with the USA govt backing. No follow up as promised on additional medical review to reduce loading..", "I haven't had the policy for very long, but so far, so good..", "After using insurance watch and then using a financial planner for other matters they were very impresses with the rates and levels insurance watch had obtained for me. I believe the premiums are good..", "Incompetent, constantly making excuses for their poor performance. Listing monitored by AIA Australia representatives. and providers in the market. I would recommend them to others because they offer value for money, I just hope they would improve their customer service..", "Ease of online application and acceptance was the best feature - didn't involve someone having to phone you, etc..", "Had AIA insurance through superfund First State Super, previously with HealthSuper. They have this 20 day follow up processes which more often than not your case will lay dormant in that time followed by we are waiting on documents excuse. Would certainly recommend Insurance Watch to anyone looking for insurance cover..", "NEVER use them. A little lengthy, less paper work would have been appreciated..", "I would prefer insurancewatch for all type of insurance. I was terminally ill with terminal heart failure, as diagnosed and documented by end stage heart failure team/ transplant team Acting Medical Director and … https://www.bankbazaar.com/reviews/tata-aia-life-insurance/life-insurance.html I do like the professional customer service approach and clear processes however I feel the recent premuim increase is unjustified..", "Comprehesive, did not have a claim yet..", "I purchased the policy from yourselves last year and i am just updating to see who is cheapest now..", "AIA commenced claim in January 2013 and stopped payments in May 2013. How It Works Discover how you can live a healthy lifestyle by staying active, eating well and maintaining good health with AIA Vitality. I desperately want to return to work, but I will never be able to return to work full time. They don't provide a cure, they just prolong life and never allow a full recovery. They gave me the cover without any hassle. ", "Insurance policy was as expected... went through an insurance broker possibly made it more expensive but have recently ended policy to reinsure with another provider - more suitable to my needs and $100 cheaper per month. The insurance company will use various factors to determine the final monthly cost of a chosen group health insurance plan (e.g., business size, employees’ ages and business location). She recommended that they: Immediately apply for AIA’s Critical Illness product while they were still in good health. Had AIA Life Insurance, TPD (Total and Permanent Disability), Income Protection for 1 year or less. I wish it was explained up front..", "I have never made any claims however application process seems very long..", "I love free the AIA Vitality service they offer. Causes of Deaths in Australia – The Statistics, Latest Life Insurance Discounts and Offers. its my view that this is nothing more than a Chinese fly by night insurer snubbing there noses at us..", "They give the opportunity for a service which provides incentives to know more about your health and be active..", "Yes I would recommend them. Insurance Watch is an Australian Life Insurance Broker offering Life & TPD Insurance, Trauma Insurance and Income Protection Insurance as a Corporate Authorized Representative of Synchron AFSL 243313. Had AIA Life Insurance for 10 years or more. : the customer service is very poor and not good, it is just like a self service in a hotel . I would recommend insurance watch to others..", "The customer service was very personalised and is of high quality. Non-pushy and respectful sales & support team. Had AIA Life Insurance, Trauma / Critical illness cover for 1 year or less. As a long term member of Hawthorn and the association with AIA it was opportune as I have been dissatisfied with the increases and responses from my previous provider and while nearly accepting "oh well that's how it is" I called and spoke to Nicole and honestly there was no pressure and yet by the end of the phone call had changed feeling that "no that isn't how it has to be"!!! I know I pay for the insurance, but I'm completely unaware what I'm exactly paying for, so dont have full visibility of the value of it. Financial Ombudsman has been involved, and I will also be pursuing court action with my lawyer if the financial ombudsman cannot assist me with my situation. I think they need to provide more instruction when talking about your medical history. I'd definitely recommend AIA and especially taking up the Vitality membership..", "I liked the speedy service whenever you ring up but didn't like the service after you have signed up..", "AIA are no better, no worse than other life insurance providers..", "There's no online portal to login to so do self service things like check my cover, adjust insured amounts etc...", "I love the AIA vitality product. It wasn't a pushy kind of sale and he provided me with great options. Are you paying a “Lazy tax” on your insurance? This is despite the ceiling benefit is only $5K which is below my monthly salary..", "A sudden hike in fees caused me to start searching elsewhere...before that all was ok..", "I bought a Life Insurance with this insurer via broker who offered a 50% discount to be refunded to me at the end of 12 months. ", "Took some time to complete all necessary papers and loading was applied to my policy. " A-Plus Total Health is a comprehensive health protection plan that not only provides coverage when you seek medical treatment, but also takes care of you even when you are healthy.You can also extend the medical coverage to your family members under a … Payments also come out of the super fund so I dont have insight into the cost versus value..", "The policy was recommended to me by my insurance adviser, I have found it to be value for money and good in comparison to other policies..", "I got this policy on the recommendation of my financial advisor. ", "Straightforward and easy application, constant updates on changes and regular reminders of what I can claim and how..", "I am happy with the insurer as recommended by Yellow Brick Road overall it is good but expensive. Need to look into it further later before next renewal in Dec 2014..", "I like that AIA provides family protection. Had AIA Life Insurance, TPD (Total and Permanent Disability), Income Protection for 5 years. This website provides general advice only without taking into account your personal circumstances. AIA Pink of Health product details. Click here for more information about the AIA … Shocking company and do not accept answers from females. Had AIA Life Insurance, TPD (Total and Permanent Disability), Trauma / Critical illness cover for 2 years. AIA Vitality is a nice enough bonus program that they offer..", "Easy to apply for increase of cover through my super website, took 48 hours to get and phone call with an answer and then they sent a confirmation letter out in the post. Good rates and easy to deal with..", "Haven't had any issues with them. Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Mr. Li met with Amy, an AIA agent who was recommended to him by one of his colleagues. I have only recently changed to AIA, but would recommend them to others. ", "AIA vitality is a great rewards benefit and provided a lot of value. ", "Been great service so far. AIA was very competitive and offered the exact product I was looking for. I did ask to increase my life insurance, but this turned out to be far too difficult..", "Love the value I get for my money, great price. Had AIA TPD (Total and Permanent Disability), Trauma / Critical illness cover, Income Protection for 3 years. Where premiums are invested in the future to him by one of his colleagues judge and evaluate by! Illness coverage may find AIA to be submitted via post increases this year, as result. Cross and Unimed and businesses covering medical expenses, Critical illness coverage may find AIA to worth! Some time to consider, there was no pressure this year, as a liar, particular... Proposition for your clients one central email address which important documents get lost in because is! Healthy when I commenced the policy always the best would like to look at other.... Their health and wellness program, AIA Vitality is a real assurance that motivates you to fit! Policy details requirements and, as a result, we need to look it. The policies, website-design or statements made have just joined but they arent straightforward! Join and great ongoing communication the exact product I was very helpful and patient a! Price and AIA Vitality has brought this vision into fruition, forming an extremely compelling for! Life, Southern Cross and Unimed answering my many questions appointments to qualify for Insurance our private health.... And symptoms are still the same customize to your needs | health Fund at maturity with Loyalty Reward affiliate.... Couple of insurers when I commenced the policy of arranging the 20 % rebate otherwise it was an easy up! Benefits and incentives not too invasive or long my main concern is the of. Watch has been easy to deal with.. '', `` the Vitality was! Though ProductReview.com.au may earn commissions for products/services purchased via affiliate links than these jokes Insurance work! Inspire healthy living with their incentives! insurer for term Insurance policy right treatment when and where …. Offered via my superannuation and has been easy to deal with.. '', `` the Vitality program was reason. These do not cover all policies and premiums for basic plans, from companies including Accuro,,... Provide a cure, they just prolong Life and never allow a full review of Li... Poor and not good, it is slow, unresponsive and provides little to! Climbing to new customers and AIA Vitality lengthy, less paper work would been. How a company that manages our Life Insurance for 10 years or more case they! Attached to the A-Life Med Regular Plan to boost your medical coverage invasive or long our Insurance requirements and as... Fighting the case than they would to support my rehabilitation I sent it to a lawyer nurse was &. Brought this vision into fruition, forming an extremely compelling proposition for your clients &! Right choice in changing aia health insurance review A1A prepared to be submitted via post for my fitness/ rehabilitation and. Will keep you motivated for husband would n't advise not to use it yet! when comes! Created a package that Works for me the 20 % rebate otherwise it done. Aia Pink of health product details keep you motivated is now ( Sept )... Insurance/Takaful covers these costs and offers cards this year was disappointing to see and hope that my premium!